Translation, Editing, Proofreading by Melanie Girdlestone


Melanie Girdlestone M.A. (BDÜ)

German to English translations, editing, proofreading

Born and raised in the UK, I grew up bilingually and settled in Munich after university, where I launched my career as a translator and proofreader. I have now been living and working here for over 20 years.


My translations are highly readable, idiomatic and lively, and accurately reflect the tone and content of the original.


For my two Master’s degrees, I focused on communication strategies in German and English – with a very positive impact on my work today.

Specialist areas

Premium automobiles, suppliers, corporate and brand communications, art, design, interiors.

Text types

From brand, marketing, press and training materials to speeches, voice-overs, subtitles and songs, I offer the right solutions: short sentences for speeches, succinct wording for subtitles, brand-oriented expressions for marketing and PR, and sound and rhythm for songs.


My customers are mainly global brands. They appreciate the quality, precision and elegance of my work, my keen sense of their identity and concerns, and my speed, reliability and flexibility.

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