Melanie Girdlestone

MA. BDÜ. Translator (German to English)

Two languages, two cultures: the common threads throughout my life

Born in the UK to a British father and a German mother, I grew up bilingually and with close emotional ties to Germany. So I feel comfortable in both languages. After graduating in the UK with a BA in German and French, I moved to Munich, where I studied art history for four semesters. I later did two MAs in linguistics via distance learning, focusing on communication strategies in German and English – and establishing a solid foundation for my work today.

Interweaving language, culture and art

Bilingual people are said to be particularly sensitive. I too feel that my particular affinity for people, their issues and their various forms of expression is fundamental to my work. With art translations especially, I combine an eye for detail with an open mind, an understanding of art, linguistic expertise and a passion for research, successfully grasping complex content in German and expressing it in English.

Many of my clients have been with me since my early days as a translator, and I now quite literally speak their language.

Translating seamlessly into your world

When I’m not at my desk, I’m usually painting in my studio, running, swimming or cycling, travelling, enjoying an exhibition or beer garden, reading, cooking, playing the piano, drawing or thinking – mostly about language, culture and upcoming art projects!

Word Weaver
Wort Weber