• Melanie Girdlestone

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    80807 München

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“I feel honoured by your translation and interpretation work. Your approach to my text is truly exceptional, I find […]”

“It’s a pleasure to read my text as you have translated it! Thank you so much for your work! […]”

“[…] my contact with Melanie Girdlestone was truly impressive and inspiring, and I am very grateful[…]”

“This translation is a fantastic and positive response to the German original, I find […]”

How wonderful to read my text in English! […]”

“I read your text after reading three texts that had not gone through your hands … that really makes me appreciate the care you take with your translating and writing.”

“Thanks, Melanie.
Great – as always!”

“Hi Melanie,
I’m really looking forward to reading your translation, which will no doubt be sensational!”